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What to Do? What to Do?

Posted by Sabrina Robertson on June 23, 2015 at 3:30 PM

What to Do? What to Do?

     No, you didn’t miss posts of my “weekly” blog, I did. I just let time get away and “stuff” get in the way and didn’t get it caught up. But I’m back, at least for a while and will try to keep up!


     This is the time of year I begin working in earnest on my “Wanna-Do” list for the summer. All those things, those projects, that take more than a few hours to complete. You have one of those lists, too, I’ll bet. Comment below and make us all feel inadequate! HA! Seriously, let us know about some of your upcoming plans and projects. Maybe you can remind us of something we forgot to add to our list!

     It has now been a couple of weeks since my Substitute Teacher job ended for the summer. I have been “lazy” long enough!

     There are no events for Lavender Lace Celtic scheduled until September. That’s really the start of our “season”, anyway. There is what is affectionately referred to as a “sweat-fest” in August, but I did one of those in Charlotte, North Carolina one year and, after nearly dying of heat exhaustion, swore off them! Anyway, pretty-much nationwide, the vending season for Highland Games and Renaissance Fairs run from Fall through to the beginning of Summer. So, on my “Wanna-Do” list for the summer … MAKE JEWELRY!

     I have noted in my calendar for the summer, a different emphasis on each week, just to keep things from getting stale. For example, bracelets one week, earrings another, yet another week for necklaces. Then some sets, polymer projects and some beading. I try to price as I go and I have a plan to photograph one day each week for Etsy store posting purposes, and as a “portfolio” of sorts.

     I have Home Projects that SORELY need attending to! I still have no kitchen three years after the tornado and continue to wash dishes and vegetables in my bathroom sink. My frustration level elevates and becomes harder to suppress. I need to finish my Studio space, as well. That’s a “simple” matter of packing EVERYTHING in the room up and removing it to get the sheetrock half-done*, the shelves hung and counters set up. *Half-done refers to the fact that the top 1’ of my 9’ walls will not be completed because the ceilings are not in yet and, at some point, I will have to take everything out AGAIN in order to finish that, tape, mud, sand, and paint.

     I thought about offering some “Jewelry–Making 101” classes, but I cannot think of a location to offer them. Libraries here, in this part of Texas anyway, are teeny and ill-suited, and my house is not yet complete enough to host a class here. Maybe NEXT summer.

 Well, that is all for this week.  Tune in next week for the answer to the scintillating question, "How Did You Start Your Business?"




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