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How Did You Start Your Business?

Posted by Sabrina Robertson on June 30, 2015 at 3:10 PM

How Did You Start Your Business?


     It was Kelsey’s idea!

     We had been to Highland Games and Renaissance Fairs and loved them so much that we were trying to figure out how we could be more involved and part of the action.

     So, in 2007, Kelsey made a bunch of necklaces of Celtic-y charms on leather and we got a few other items together (wind chimes, Irish-themed coffee mugs) and we got our $40 shade tent, packed everything in cardboard boxes, grabbed a folding table and we were off to the Anderson (South Carolina) Highland Games! We didn’t even know we had to pay a vendor’s fee! A storm came up packing 40mph winds and relieved us of our shade canopy, soaked our cardboard boxes, and got us a space INSIDE the concert venue for the evening. We were inundated with customers every time the band took a break and had a blast! It was also our first Seven Nations concert!!!

     Before our next event, we invested in plastic tubs for product and a steel EZ up with side walls. We paid our vendor’s fee in advance and I began making jewelry. I made a few cross stitch items and made posters from them. We contacted some homeschooling friends of ours, Crafty Celts, and asked if we could carry some of their products. We added more folding tables to our configuration and we were growing!

     I had purchased a Clip Clock online several years before and wondered, “Hmm ... I love this thing! I wonder if she would let me carry some of her product?” WHAM! BAM! Another growth spurt!

     We bought a little open trailer.

     We were doing 12-14 events a year and travelling all over South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.  I was getting better at making jewelry.  Hotels were getting expensive.

     My hubby bought me a motor home for my birthday!

     My husband wanted to retire to Texas. We lost Crafty Celts because of the move. Our event schedule dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. We lost our new home, belongings, much of my business three months after the move (but I’ve blogged about that before), and eventually, the motor home (it was just too damaged). Kelsey began school, moved out, and got married.

     We are recovering. Slowly.

     My husband helps now with the heavy lifting, but we’re both not getting any younger! I love making the items we sell and hope to get our online business built up! We are back to staying in hotels, for now, and, since we are not doing so many events, it’s not so bad.

     Next Week: “How Trends Change Our Business”




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