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Our Mentors and Advice

Posted by Sabrina Robertson on July 14, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Our Mentors and Advice


     As we have been attending events over the years, we have made MANY mistakes and suffered MANY losses and learned MANY lessons.

     Some of those lessons we learned on our own. But MANY, MANY, MANY lessons and ideas have come from other vendors that we are pleased to now count among our friends!

     I want to recognize them publically here. I hope that when you see them at an event, that you would go to their booth in the full knowledge that they are good, no!  OUTSTANDING people!

     Ann and Paul of The Heelan’ Hound

We met these wonderful people at our very first games in Anderson, SC. We have vended at the same events MANY times and gotten into many events we may not have except for a good word from them. If you have a dog, you MUST see their products!

     Sherry and Danny of Crafty Celts

These talented, wonderful people took a chance on us and allowed us to offer their product at events we were attending that they were not. You really need to see their offerings!  Over 25 years experience and now, HOLLYWOOD!

     Rick Sainz of https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Celtic-Store/169681699710509" target="_blank">The Celtic Store

We met Rick in Panama City, Florida, when he scared us to death setting a humongous fire ant bed on fire between our motorhomes! We all got quite a laugh and we continue to laugh together these many seasons later!

     Deanna Hubbard of Clip Clocks

I have never met Deanna face-to-face, and yet she is one of the best people I have ever met. She came to our aid after the tornado that destroyed our home and saved my business.

     B.J. Phillips of Fan-Glasstic

BJ is one of my closest friends. She got me on the road to learning to make jewelry and refining techniques. She and I vended together for quite a while. She makes more non-Celtic jewelry and her things are stunning! She was and has been my savior not only after the devastation of the tornado, but ever since, as well!

     Kelsey Robertson

My daughter. It is her “fault” we are here in the first place. She has served as “load master”, “grunt”, “heavy lifter”, comic relief, and love of my life. She still serves as my sounding board and attends events with me when she can take time away from her busy life.


Next Week: “True Story!”




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