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Photo Gallery

Charleston Highland Games 9/20/08 Charleston Highland Games 9/20/08 We started the day right with a flat tire! The nice man at the Hampton Inn changed it for us! 13774034 Big flat tire helpers! 13774035 There was a beautiful field of wildflowers on site 13774036 Awaiting further instruction... 13774037 wee lambs? 13773936 13774038 ohhhh... he has them in his sight! 13774039 working dog 13774041 shopping at Lavender Lace 13774042 our booth was busy all day! 13774043 perusing and purchasing 13774044 Kelsey 13774045 Sabrina and Kelsey 13774046 A Pipe and Drum Corp close enough to us to take a photo! 13774047 BJ hard at work (who's that guy in the background?) 13774048 She's having fun! 13774049 "May I take your order?" 13774050